February 07, 2010


madeline is in my darkroom class and we found out later that she's known isabel most of her life (the used to be best friends in like first grade) i'm not happy with these pictures at all. they don't look like my pictures. i used a weird film and it's hard for me to shoot in abandoned buildings for some reason... haha whatever we all have our off days! moriah freed helped me find the location and her pictures are gorgeous!
i'm just going to share a few with you


  1. I agree they look different to you other photos but these pics still look pretty amazing. They look more like polaroids, in a good way of course.

  2. I like all of these pictures but my favorite is the fourth one

  3. They don't look like yours, but I love them nonetheless. It's a different style from you, you're exploring, that's good. :)