January 23, 2011

i'm still here

(from forever ago)

hey everyone! i have lots of shoots coming up (i hope nothing falls through) so hopefully i'll have more pictures to share with you. last year i was able to take tons and tons of pictures because i was homeschooled but this year i started to take more classes at a real college (not online) so i have less time. i'm also getting a job soon (hopefully!) yeah so i just wanted to explain why i haven't been posting much.

i really enjoyed how many people said they worked in a library! that's my dream job (along with being a secretary) but i think you have to be 18 to work there (and don't you need a library science degree or something like that?) nothing is available to 17 year olds. you have to be 18 to work anywhere cool.

well, i hope you all are doing well, bye!

January 05, 2011


first post of 2011! this is a mix-up of cammie, kimmy, and a little bit of isabel (new years eve night). i've noticed that all (most) of my pictures are centered so i need to work on that. this semester i'm only going to 2 schools (i dropped scad-art history) but i really need a job.

under 18-year-olds: do you have a job/do you like your job? where should i work? i've worked at an ice cream store and i kind of have no desire to work with food ever again, but if you like your food service job, where is it? thanks!

and does anyone have any good book suggestions? i need something to read.

cammie saw black swan so therefor she thinks she's a ballerina 


January 01, 2011

moving pictures

(click to see it move)
i have lots of picture related plans coming up, so i should have new stuff soon. i also really need to fix this layout... i need a job too, i'm running out of money