June 17, 2010

pawleys island, south carolina

okay, this is my last real post for a while! (it's a long one though) i had more time than i thought to get ready for SCAD. i'll post again in a few weeks! (maybe sooner if i can find a scanner) xoxo

June 11, 2010

i'm outta hurr!

i'm off to the beach tomorrow! right after i get back i'll be heading down to scad for 5 weeks. i might be going to the beach after that (but that all depends on how well the oil spill is looking) i might upload some of my digital work while i'm at scad, but i'm not really sure yet. follow my twitter and tumblr for updates! i love you all and i hope you have a great summer!

June 08, 2010


hi! (: i'm going to the beach on saturday and after that i'm going directly to scad then i'm off to the beach again (but with isabel)! i'll be gone for about 7 weeks. i'll probably update with some digital work while i'm in savannah but no film until i get back and have a chance to develop it. i love you guys and i hope your summers are wonderful! ////// follow my twitter!

i made these paper flowers in an art class i'm helping with at a retirement home. + isabel would just like to say that her back looks cute and i personally think my feet are super cute also! (; (;