July 29, 2011

prints for sale

hi guys! i'm trying to save up money for chicago to buy art supplies and groceries and i don't have a job. i've made a little bit of money from graduation and babysitting but i still need a lot more to get by. so, i'll be selling prints up until i leave (august the 26th). i won't be selling prints until next summer so if you're interested in buying some, do it now! they're really nice prints, printed at my local lab where i develop all of my film, checked and signed by me. you get a free random 4x6 print with your order too!
thank you all so much for all of your support and i promise to upload some more pictures soon.

my print shop

July 26, 2011

seaview pt. 7

(last seaview post) i haven't touched my camera in weeks. i think i'm just really nervous for college.

July 03, 2011

don't smile!

i thought it'd look cool to make kimmy's face really powdery, but it didn't really work out... hahah so we rubbed it off, but you can still kinda see it in the photos. BUT look at how beautiful the film is! kodak, i love you i love you i love you

at a hotel, right before pawley's island

julia test

i found julia off of model mayhem, and she's incredible! super sweet and pretty, you'll definitely see more of her later on. they're doing construction around one of my favorite photo places, so we couldn't shoot there, like we planned on, so we ended up shooting around the surrounding woods and at a school.