June 29, 2011

June 22, 2011


pt. 3

i've been going to seaview inn for years and years... my mom has been going there for at least 20 years now. it's a really weird place. they don't have internet, air conditioning, tv, radios, anything. they serve sweet tea with every meal. the food is incredibly fattening- i gained five pounds the week i was there. we know all of the staff by name and they know us. since they don't have cable or anything, you get to know all the other families that are there with you. we've even visited people who we know from our week at the inn. the week we go the place is over run with kids, it's actually really annoying, especially during nap time. i'm the oldest out of the kids so i end up being the one directing and teaching the games, especially with the younger ones. never play improv games with young kids. they're too loud and dramatic and they'll either end up getting hurt or getting you in trouble with their noise. one of the younger girls was so, so pretty and obviously very photogenic, and i really regret not taking her picture. she followed kimmy around the last few nights. it was nice to just eat, sleep, and take pictures for a week.

p.s. i got my wisdom teeth out yesterday so i'm really happy i got this post together a couple days ago. i'll have another one ready to go tomorrow! 

trying not to laugh ...i think... who knows what she's doing

the inn

June 20, 2011


sea view pt. 2

i've completely abandoned fuji film (i'm so sorry fuji! you were good for a while there) and i've picked up kodak- it's way easier to find and it's prettier. kodak looks amazing in low light pictures! i think fuji might actually look better in bright light though... whatever these prints are incredibly pretty and i'm 100% for kodak now

June 19, 2011

blue moon

seaview pt. 1

on top of the world pt. 2

i'm getting ready like ten more posts right now (from the beach). i'm going to try and space them out- i'll probably post two a day.