September 28, 2010

sep 28

i haven't really been taking pictures that much and it feels good

September 26, 2010

the creek

isabel gets props for laying in that freezing water

September 25, 2010


just from a quick shoot we had last weekend
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September 22, 2010


laura and emma
i don't charge anything so if you're interested, email me (:

they take too long to upload so i'm only going to post two, sorry!

September 19, 2010

kim kim

so i redid some of the black and white pictures with kimmy. at the time i forgot i had black and white film in my camera and i was really looking forward to seeing them in color. i'm using expired film now  because i don't have enough money to buy new film.
and by the way, the super creepy pictures were all kimmy's idea

September 17, 2010

third week of september

i finally finished my darkroom! yesterday isabel helped me develop my first roll (i'm not very good at developing film by myself) and then later that night i developed my first prints
also, pictures from a shoot i did with isabel last week. we couldn't get all of the bottles back so they're still floating around the lake. + some shots of madeline from a quick shoot last friday

September 13, 2010

canonet 28 test

i got a new camera! i scanned the negatives instead of the prints so there's a lot of dust and scratches on the film.