April 23, 2011

foggy beach

i have three more beach rolls to post (i still need to develop two of them) and i did a shoot with hannah this past weekend. i have so many shoots planned right now! 

i got a job at a library! and by job i mean it's volunteer work... but they should be hiring soon (hopefully)

kimmy looks so freakishly tall woow

she got sand fleas from this picture

April 19, 2011

my print website!

my new print shop is now open! i'm planning on adding more prints to it soon, but if you have any picture requests let me know and i'll add those first.
if you order a print, you get a free 6x4!
domestic shipping is free.
these prints will be super nice because i'm getting them done at my favorite camera store down the street (where i develop my film regularly)

click here to check it out

April 18, 2011

medium format, i love you!

i figured out how to work my medium format camera! it only took me a year, right?

April 15, 2011

so bright (another night)

i think this set was my least favorite (it was the first day i tried night pictures and we only took a few)
1) i finally figured out how to work my medium format camera (after i've had it for over a year... but hey i was scared to mess up because developing costs are so much! i messed up at least 3 rolls- all $15 each)
2) i picked a college! i'm going to school of the art institute of chicago this fall.

i am completely broke right now. to develop all of these rolls, i had to dig up all of my change and go to the coin star. i have like 10 cents left SO if you're interested in prints, please let me know! they're like $5 for 4x8s (add a dollar for each inch after that) i'm thinking of setting up a print website and getting them done at my local camera lab instead of snap fish because they don't really do a good job. email me at maryrobinsonn@gmail.com and i'll let you know when my website is done. tell me which print you're most interested in! (it can be anything off of my flickr or this blog)
thank you!

April 13, 2011

weird florida forests

flordia has the weirdest forests- the trees are all skinny and are all lined up in neat rows. isabel and i found this forest on the side of a road near watercolor and when we were walking, we saw some weird filing cabinet looking boxes deeper in. when we got closer i saw that they were actually beehives- bah scaryyyy! i've never gotten stung by a bee or gotten a tick or anything on our photo adventures, which is really surprising (~knock on wood)

only one more post to go... i have one medium format roll that i'll get back in a few weeks and i have one roll that i need to finish that's still in my camera. i'm feeling really motivated about taking pictures so i'll probably have more to share soon!

April 12, 2011

grain grain grain

i used expired film (at least i think this is that roll) and the salty air made the pictures super grainy. i still have a lot of pictures from this trip i need to post! isabel has the best beach outfits

to conform

i wanted this series to represent how girls are obsessed with looking perfect. i wanted kimmy to be "swimming" in a sea of perfect girls. that's what i was going for but it kind of ending up just being kimmy in a bath tub with something weird floating with her (you know how much i like doing that: see glitter, milk, teafish)
anyway, BIG shout out to kelly (and emily) and shriya for sending me barbies! kelly actually payed for the shipping (barbies are heavier than you'd think, so the shipping was a lot) and she sent me around 25 barbies. i couldn't have taken these without these amazing people!

i have so many ideas for these barbies. they're a part of a series i'm putting together- i'll pick one or two of these for the story for the final post, but since i haven't been posting a lot, i thought it'd post all of them anyway. i'm getting back into the swing of things~

April 11, 2011

so bright

long exposures at night. there was a party going on behind us where the ~cool kids~ were. families would come by, looking for crabs, and shine their ultra-bright flashlights on us, messing up some of the pictures.

hahahah i don't know what that stain is but isabel didn't wet herself