April 15, 2011

so bright (another night)

i think this set was my least favorite (it was the first day i tried night pictures and we only took a few)
1) i finally figured out how to work my medium format camera (after i've had it for over a year... but hey i was scared to mess up because developing costs are so much! i messed up at least 3 rolls- all $15 each)
2) i picked a college! i'm going to school of the art institute of chicago this fall.

i am completely broke right now. to develop all of these rolls, i had to dig up all of my change and go to the coin star. i have like 10 cents left SO if you're interested in prints, please let me know! they're like $5 for 4x8s (add a dollar for each inch after that) i'm thinking of setting up a print website and getting them done at my local camera lab instead of snap fish because they don't really do a good job. email me at maryrobinsonn@gmail.com and i'll let you know when my website is done. tell me which print you're most interested in! (it can be anything off of my flickr or this blog)
thank you!


  1. Congrats on picking a school !! I like the photos they came out really cool ! Love the light effects in the dark !

  2. these are really something special!

  3. you're going to chicago! that's cool
    i like these pics, especially the 6th photo!

  4. just discovered your blog and i have to say it's awesome!

  5. Carlos GomesApril 16, 2011

    Your work is amazing. So much freedom, so much lack of bs.

  6. these photos are really beautiful !!

  7. I'm so freakin in love with your photos!

  8. Wonderful pictures. I love them.


  9. I'm glad I found your blog because your photos are beautiful. I really want to see more so now i'm a follower :)

  10. girl get your site up. you will be making more money than you know what to do with.

    i am ready to buy. picking out the ones i want. 3 is a good number to start. will be browsing. where is your flickr?? dying to have the link. you can link mine from my site...

  11. and HUGE congrats on school!! i wanted to give you a high ten, double plus better than a high five. i know, i'm a total dork.