February 25, 2010

the field

isabel and i went for a drive to find a good spot to take pictures and we found this field. field's are so overused (in photos) so i tried to do some double exposures but they didn't really turn out right... but i still love how they came out! then lee came over. i've never done a shoot with just a boy (only couples) but those are on another roll, this roll is just isabel and lee together with the chair. lee is not invited on anymore adventures because he kept making isabel laugh! i hope you all are having a nice week! (:

February 23, 2010


kimmy (my sister)

(haha! elvis <3)

(self portrait. from a new series i'm working on "bedrooms")

i think photos of bedrooms are a lot more personal than taking an actual photograph of a person... they spend most of their time in their room. their sheets show the patterns of their sleep, the walls are decorated with things and people they love, their rooms hold their favorite possessions. more to come.

old pictures

i took these pictures of isabel after our "ashes to ashes" shoot. i forgot about them. we were walking to find a nice place to shoot our "dew" pictures. i think isabel looks really nice in these! i've been taking a lot of pictures lately... i just haven't felt like uploading them.

February 17, 2010


just some of my favorites from the past 6 months. i couldn't find some of my other prints (which are my favorite favorites) i love printing and these came from the period when i was having the most fun with my photography.

February 16, 2010


i've decided to only post my favorite pictures of mine on this blog. i want to have a career in photography and i've become too wrapped up in taking pictures for the internet instead of for myself. earlier, i thought that take a break from photography would help but i can't do that. so you should still expect updates from me, just not as often! thank you all so much for all of the support you have given me. i appreciate it so much! <3 mary

snowed in

i'm really bad at scanning (that's why some of my pictures are crooked), focusing my camera, and remembering how to do double exposures properly. i seriously have no idea what happened... but i still like this roll a lot! i used expired film (again) that's why there is so much grain.