January 30, 2010


i need to take a break from posting things onto the internet. i used to be so comfortable with myself but lately i hate who i've become. i started thinking about ideas that flickr and tumblr would like instead of things i was actually inspired by. i used to be so relaxed when taking pictures but now i get into this crazy mood where i yell at people when they're goofing off. i take it too seriously now. when i take pictures with isabel, she's always so silly, making faces and singing and i yell at her to shut up. i say stupid stuff because i forget people actually read what i write and i get nervous that no one will like the pictures i post to my flickr instead of posting things i like. i know i'm not sick of photography, i'm just sick of having my photography on the internet. i'll continue to shoot but i'm just not going to share any of my pictures until i know i'm ready for it again.

January 28, 2010


(i promise i'm almost done with the little animals! i've just had so many ideas with them.)

January 24, 2010


i used really old expired film someone gave me so that's why these are so grainy. i'm probably going to end up redoing these pictures...

January 22, 2010

make-believe reality

isabel and i went on an adventure today!
(she doesn't have a gap between her teeth btw)