July 31, 2010

the beach

my summer

i've been working on this disposable camera for the whole summer

July 23, 2010

scad final

finals week was incredibly hard. our assignment was to do a series so i decided to just do a quick shoot with mila in one of the many graveyards here. everyone had too much to do so it was hard to get anyone to model for more than 10 minutes. i'm not very happy that these were my last pictures here but it could have been worse i guess. today is my last day here. i'm going straight to the beach for a week tomorrow. i miss my film camera. p.s. i kind of just went off on the mini shoot i did with my sister earlier this month in the graveyard. i don't have a final copy of the edited pictures.
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July 08, 2010

some work for my photo assignments

i haven't had time to go out and shoot film yet... the school work is hard and i hardly have time to do anything. these are of my roommate mila and my sister (who came to visit me this weekend) they are all unedited because i still don't know how to work lightroom. i hope you're having a good summer!