November 30, 2010

nov. 30th

i really haven't been feeling well lately. i don't know what it is because i remember being so inspired this time last year- i love fall and winter. i've been taking my medicine so hopefully that will help some. it's weird to go from taking at least two rolls of film per week to having a hard time finishing a roll a month. i think going to scad kind of made me less enthusiastic and that's really scary (especially if you're planning on going to art school). thank you all for being super supportive and nice to me- i hope you're all doing well!

some old pictures from last year

November 07, 2010

sunday night

thank you!

i just wanted to say thank you to everyone that follows this blog. i just reached 500 followers and that's incredible! thank you thank you thank you!

these are some pictures that i took during these last few months with a disposable camera