May 30, 2011

another nothing post

i'm sorry i've been slacking lately! i just graduated so i've been going to graduations and parties every weekend. i'm also sick of taking pictures in my area (but i'm going to pawley's island in two weeks!) this is just a short post to say hey, i'm still here.

May 15, 2011

wait, you can't smoke those!

smokin' some flowers with hannah

May 10, 2011


my mom gave me her office's (she's a dentist) old polaroid camera with two packs of film
photo adventures with jessie and isabel pt. 1

May 08, 2011


hannah a week ago, one year ago

May 03, 2011

almost summer

two more weeks of high school then i'm done! i'm going to spend tomorrow in the darkroom developing pictures from the beach (my last two rolls) so more coming soon!

and i'm sorry kodak for thinking you made crappy film, because you really don't. kodak film is beautiful! (and easier to find) i'm sorry fuji

May 02, 2011


hey guys! i do have a new roll to post from the beach and i'll probably get around to scanning it tomorrow, i just wanted to post this first (mainly because i'm procrastinating on my school work, but at least this is semi-productive, right?)

if you have any ideas on what i should write about next post, please share!