February 27, 2011


extra pictures from tiny shoots with kimmy (+ a shoot that i'm uploading tomorrow!)
i'm scanning three rolls tomorrow ~hopefully~ i'll at least do two

February 25, 2011

moving picture #2

i might redo this one. i wanted to do it one more time but we ran out of hot water and i felt bad for kimmy. (edit: i don't know why it's so fuzzy and slow- yeah for sure going to redo it!)

February 22, 2011


so i thought that these were going to be double exposed with fireworks pictures... i'm so stupid and i have a horrible memory. that just shows you how often i've been using my camera- i don't even remember what roll is in there. i was trying to finish the roll quickly because i wanted to do the senses pictures.

the real point of this post: if you have any barbies i could have please email me! (maryrobinsonn@gmail.com) i'll pay for shipping and send you prints or expired film (if you have a film camera). 

i took this in complete darkness! kimmy and i have a+ timing

February 18, 2011


hannah and i went to an abandoned house by my sister's school a few weeks ago. they're tearing it down now... they tear down all of the cool abandoned houses. this one had a really nice looking kitchen and i wish i could have come back with 800 film. we only took a few pictures and most of them were too dark. the few we took outside were too light. i'm a mess. but i do have another idea for her that i'm really excited about!

February 17, 2011

the senses

(sort of)
i might try this again but with digital so it's more clear. i just wanted to post it since i haven't been posting much lately.

February 13, 2011


i took pictures of fellow photographer (and amazing painter!) carlin last weekend. i have a few other posts ready to go but they're not as long as this set.

i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who reads/looks at my blog. i'm definitely going to start following some of you!

upcoming posts:
chicago, airplane, saic
kimmy nothing
maybe another gif (moving picture)

after that i might not be posting for a while... i still feel like taking pictures, it's just that sharing them has been stressing me out lately. i just feel like hanging out with people, doing school work, going to class, and occasionally taking pictures. i don't know. i've said that before and then came back posting like twice a week.

anyway, i hope your weekend was great xoxoxo