March 29, 2010

march 29

isabel and i went to the park today. we're going to the beach for spring break ayyyy! (4 more days!) i'm planning on doing an underwater shoot with kimmy (isabel's going to help out), shoot a disposable camera, and a few rolls of film. i'll post them in about a week. bye! (:


i just wanted to say hi and tell you about a few quick things!
i made a new flickr for out takes, i have a twitter if you wanna follow me, and i also have a tumblr!

i'm still selling prints to buy an instax camera (i'm almost half way there!)
if you're interested email me at with your:
1) name and address
2) prints you'd like (from this blog or my flickr)
3) finish you'd like (matte or glossy)
4) your paypal email (if you don't have paypal we can work something else out!)

i might be taking a few photos this week and i know i'm going to take a ton on spring break (isabel and i are going to the beach!) thank you so much and i hope your weeks are going well!

March 24, 2010

stone mountain

wolf camera gave me free doubles with this roll so i'm selling every picture on this post for $3! (i only have one each) if you're interested email me at i'm only taking paypal right now!

March 20, 2010


email me ( if you're interested with your
1) name and address
2) the picture, size, and finish (matte or glossy)
3) your paypal email

i'm saving up for an instax camera!

the darkroom

these are most of the pictures that i've printed in the last 6 months during a darkroom class i took. i used my yashica for one of them (the others wouldn't scan) and my canon ae-1 for the rest. some i printed when i didn't know what i was doing and i printed some a few weeks ago at the end of the class. you can tell which ones are which! new pictures coming this monday... wolf camera's machine broke. i hope you all are having a great week! (:

March 17, 2010

quick late afternoon shoot with isabel

i've been busy lately so i haven't really taken a lot of pictures... these are from a week ago. i'm shooting tomorrow and probably some this weekend. i got grounded for going to south carolina... haha so i didn't have a car for a while (+ i have no idea what's going on with my double exposures! i knew how to do it at first and now they always mess up)