December 30, 2009


my friend kayla came into town for a little bit, so we shot a roll of film with isabel's help.
these are of kla, isabel, kimmy, and my dog sally.

December 28, 2009


these pictures have been sitting in my camera for a while. wolf camera has been closed and i've been too lazy to get film developed lately. i love the people who work at wolf, they gave me a present and they always give me extra things and discounts! if you shoot with film, always get your film developed there.
these are of my little sister kimmy and my pets.



December 21, 2009

expired film

carson's mom gave me some of her old, expired film a few weeks ago and i just now got around to shooting it. i love how the film turned out, it's over saturated and blurry in some areas, but it looks so perfect!