December 07, 2009

black & white



  1. I think I've seen all your photos by now, and I finally know what bothers me about Isabel (and sometimes others too): her face expression doesn't change - ever. Her body positions are great, but I miss the emotions...
    Maybe you could do something with this, or you could ignore it - your choice.
    However, you've got talent, so keep up doing the good work! I'll be following your site.

  2. thank you so much!
    yeah you gotta remember that my friends are not real models... i don't focus on their expressions, only their positioning. it's not as important to me because that's a lot to ask of them (to fake an emotion)
    but thank you! (:

  3. I've seen all your pics of your blog, i saw also the photos from flickr. I think that you have great ideas, i don't know, i just fall in love with your photos.
    may be the face expression of your models are the same in almost all the pics, but for me they're perfect. i like to imagine how was when you took the photo and i imagine an history, is pretty cool do that.
    i don't know what else to say, i would be nice if u could see my photos, if you want and have the time i left here my flickr:

    (sorry if my english sucks xD)
    bye :D

  4. did you take these on film too?

    kuesschen ♥