May 28, 2010


during the summer isabel and i get really, really lazy. today we made a pact that we will not be doing any shoots where moving furniture, walking, or moving in general will be done (it's too hot for any of that!) i'm going to my grandmother's lake house this weekend and i'll probably end up with tons of photos of the water and my sister running around.
this roll is of isabel, my sister (who is terrified of fire), and hannah (more later)


  1. I love the story that these pictures tell!
    I love seeing your photography!

  2. this is fucking awesome
    the last one is my favourite by far

  3. You're so lucky to have such great and natural models. I wish my family and friends were as helpful. Beautiful photogrpahs as always btw :)

  4. these are all amazing but the first one is AHMAZING.
    seriously love your photography mary :)))